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Anibe Onuche a.onuche at nixp.net
Fri Jul 6 12:21:05 UTC 2012

Hello Kwame


What is the word ' cacti' doing in that line? I don't think it suppose to be

Before i jump into conclusion is cacti a user on your machine with RW
priveldge to the /var/www/html/cacti/  ?


As a test run this command on your terminal as root

php /var/www/html/cacti/poller.php  


Run the command under user cacti also



To get to the debug mode , on the graph you sent to youness, just click on
telecom Italy  traffic p00/1/0  

then on your right hand corner you will see turn on graph debug mode




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>From the crontab -e command , below is the output


*/5 * * * * cacti php /var/www/html/cacti/poller.php









-- Kwame Saidi

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Hi Kwame,




I had similar problem but I resolved it by  what Youness  said. The debug
mode will point to the exact problem.


My debug mode showed that the  cactiuser had no permission to create the
directory or write to it. As such the graph could not read from it.


Secondly is your poller active?  A simple way to ensure it is active is the
command  'crontab -e'    

 Is there an entry containing  poller.php ?






Anibe O.








Try to turn on the debug mode:
Graph management, click on the graph desired then turn on graph debug mode

Also, take a look at the logs



Youness Hamidi


On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 7:31 AM, Kwame Saidi <k.saidi at zantel.co.tz> wrote:





I have installed cacti-0.8.8a on centos 5.2 , unfortunately graphs are not
coming up ,can somebody please advice .









-- Kwame Saidi



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