[afnog] Advanced Afnog

JP Viljoen froztbyte at froztbyte.net
Wed Jul 11 08:21:36 UTC 2012

 On Wed, 11 Jul 2012 09:07:54 +0100, "Anibe Onuche" <a.onuche at nixp.net> 
> Hello All,
> I am just wondering aloud ( Via Email) if we could have an Advanced
> Afnog for Network Operators, Educational Institutions etc.
> The Afnog Team have done wonderfully well so far in ensuring the
> knowledge and practice of internet cut through Africa.
> Just going through Sanog papers and see good advanced stuff ( e.g
> Deploying IPv4 Anycast etc , IXPs etc) and i know some of us yearn 
> for
> such advance stuff.

 Just to clarify, you're talking about the conference side of things and 
 not the mailing list, correct?

 If the mailing list, I don't think there should be a requirement for 
 fragmenting things up. Nanog has operated with various levels of 
 questions for years, as have a few other lists.


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