[afnog] DNS Issue

SM sm at resistor.net
Mon Jun 4 14:18:21 UTC 2012

Hi Mamothokoane,
At 04:38 04-06-2012, Mamothokoane Tlali(VCL) wrote:
>I have a secondary NS, its working perfect for other zones, can 
>transfer with no issues, but I have a problem with the reverse zone 
>for our block, looking at the logs this is what I get:
>Jun  4 12:43:55 ns3 named[42655]: transfer of 
>'200.191.41.in-addr.arpa/IN' from x.x.x.x#53: failed while receiving 
>responses: FORMERR

The zone transfer is failing due to a configuration error at the 
receiving end.  As I don't know the configuration details, I cannot 
suggest a fix.


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