[afnog] IPv 6 Point to Point at /64?

Yasini Kilima ykilima at tra.go.tz
Tue Jun 5 12:10:58 UTC 2012

Hello guys,

I could seek an advice from a single person but I feel to get the advice from here just to get the majority experience and perhaps help someone else with a similar challenge.

I know RFC 4291 requires us to configure our Point to Point hosts on ipv6 at /64
For sure this is an obvious waste of IP addresses, How can I spend a block of /64 just to connect 2 hosts?

I want to go against this recommendation, and do further subnetting.
I wish to subnet one of my /64 blocks from my /48 to /126 for Point to Point connections which will handle my point to point links for almost more than 100 years to come of my network growth.
I also believe the /48 block will still survive the growth for more than those years as well.

During the AfNOG Workshop on AR-E in 2011 it was pointed out that even on point to point connections we have to use /64 instead of subnetting further at /126 or /120 as this could cause potential problems in the future but the teacher didn't tell or more correctly I didn't catch which potential problems can one face in the future. Also the document doesn't tell those problems.

And as far as my eyes are concerned on this I don't see any potential problem to happen tomorrow.

One thing I can agree on the ipv6 representation is the complex format for a beginner and especially someone who was away from Binary Maths during his school days of whom in this venue I don't expect any.

Perhaps this was just to make people's life easier not to burn their brain in doing further subnetting as yes hexadecimal is a bitter cake especially with binary consideration in mind.

I wish I could live to see this!!

Can you please Advise on this?



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