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Mon Mar 26 17:13:11 UTC 2012

That's great, Bope.
The capacity building is fundamental for IT development in Africa. 
Each sub-Saharan country should follow your example.
Good continuation and good luck for the next sessions.
Thank you for this news from your area (RDC).

Warm regards,

Janvier Ngnoulaye
University of Yaounde 1

Yaounde - Cameroon

+237 77 72 03 34

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De: Bope Domilongo Christian <christianbope at gmail.com>
Objet: [afnog] Afnog Localization Program E0
À: "africann" <africann at afrinic.net>, "afnog" <afnog at afnog.org>
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Date: Lundi 26 mars 2012, 11h48


Bsdcongo (www.bsdcongo.org) leading Open Source and capacity building
in DRC . last years we had train more than 100 student at different
University  in Kinshasa on Afnog localization E0 program.

This years we targeted more than 200 student in kinshasa and other city in DRC.

we are thanks NSRC for  the  book and Operating System (DVD)

we received the request to make setup the Open Source Lab  from ISTA
(High Institute Apply Technical )

Best Regards
Christian Bope Domilongo
Bsdcongo PM
Gtalk : christianbope at gmail.com
Msn : christianbope at hotmail.com
Skype : christian.bope
Phone : +243993005258

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