[afnog] Virtual aliases, sender-bcc, forward limiting

raphael mollel raphael.susa at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 13:23:19 UTC 2012


Hope you are all well.

I'm running a mail server on Ubuntu Server 10.04.4 with Postfix, Dovecot(+
& scanner), and Postfixadmin (so with LAMP).

I have this set up, bit of a hack; using virtual-alias-maps, forwards and

1. In forwards I forward to a group(alias)
2. which means in the virtual-aliases, I created a group alias going to
desired users
3. and in sender-bcc, each individual account sends to it's specific
group(same as in #1)
4. note within some groups there are other group(s)

An example purpose of this set up is that;
- mails to and from an individual goes to others in the same department,
and their supervisor
- say the individual is a supervisor it should go to other supervisors, and
- say it's a manager, then should go to other managers and the MD

The problem is; say the mail was to a normal staff then it goes to
colleagues in same dept. and their supervisor, but then to supervisor it
also goes to other supervisors and managers and ends up at MD while it was
supposed to stop at colleagues & supervisor. Meaning an aliased email
should not be forwarded.

How do I get that to work, as it used to work like that with an old set up?
(which used only Postfix, Dovecot and unix user accounts and therefore
using aliases, virtual-alias-maps, and sender-bcc)

My Google search parameter is giving too much unrelated results, may be
using the wrong keywords. Anyone with a quick solution will be appreciated.


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