[afnog] Virtual aliases, sender-bcc, forward limiting

Hervey Allen hervey at nsrc.org
Thu Sep 27 23:20:32 UTC 2012

On 9/27/12 5:13 PM, Sunday Folayan wrote:
> Hi.
> Have you tried request tracker. .. RT? Its Mailgate can do all the dirty
> tricks you want. Life need not be as complex as you described.
> Sunday.

And, you can find sample exercises, configurations and presentations for
using Request Tracker and RT from this year's AfNOG event Network
Monitoring and Management workshop here:


Look at the items on Friday.

	- Hervey Allen

>> On 27 Sep 2012 14:32, "raphael mollel" <raphael.susa at gmail.com
>> <mailto:raphael.susa at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Hope you are all well.
>> I'm running a mail server on Ubuntu Server 10.04.4 with Postfix,
>> Dovecot(+ filters
>> & scanner), and Postfixadmin (so with LAMP).
>> I have this set up, bit of a hack; using virtual-alias-maps, forwards and
>> sender-bcc
>> 1. In forwards I forward to a group(alias)
>> 2. which means in the virtual-aliases, I created a group alias going to
>> desired users
>> 3. and in sender-bcc, each individual account sends to it's specific
>> group(same as in #1)
>> 4. note within some groups there are other group(s)
>> An example purpose of this set up is that;
>> - mails to and from an individual goes to others in the same department,
>> and their supervisor
>> - say the individual is a supervisor it should go to other
>> supervisors, and
>> manager(s)
>> - say it's a manager, then should go to other managers and the MD
>> The problem is; say the mail was to a normal staff then it goes to
>> colleagues in same dept. and their supervisor, but then to supervisor it
>> also goes to other supervisors and managers and ends up at MD while it was
>> supposed to stop at colleagues & supervisor. Meaning an aliased email
>> should not be forwarded.
>> How do I get that to work, as it used to work like that with an old
>> set up?
>> (which used only Postfix, Dovecot and unix user accounts and therefore
>> using aliases, virtual-alias-maps, and sender-bcc)
>> My Google search parameter is giving too much unrelated results, may be
>> using the wrong keywords. Anyone with a quick solution will be
>> appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Raphael
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