[afnog] [AfTLD-Discuss] .TZ DS records in root zone

Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Sat Feb 9 20:41:59 UTC 2013

Thanks Simon,
A few more questions/remarks...

On Sat, 2013-02-09 at 16:44 +0000, Simon M. Balthazar wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> TZNIC is using its own signer platform and nothing is outsourced.

Very cool. It would be useful to the African community for someone to do
a presentation on how you are doing this (as others suggested).
Would love to know if you are using an HSM or keep keys on the file
system - etc....

> We are using FRED hence DS records like any other records are included
> in the parent zone through registrar's interface. 

Make sense. I believe that Cocca has (will have) the same ability, so
technically, any ccTLD running Cocca or Fred can follow you on this. 

> I don't have stats of dnssec aware resolvers in TZ, however tznic is
> planning a massive campaign which will include activities like training
> to all stakeholders including ISPs with the aim of increasing dnssec
> awareness and deployment. We hope this will as well inspire ISPs to
> turn on dnssec on their resolvers.


doing any DNS/DNSSEC training?
what does the ccTLD structure look like?
I'm guessing..

.tz - closed - except for exciting new second levels...
.co.tz - Commercial
.or.tz - Organisations

So how far down are signed domains available. I get no AD bit when
looking up www.tznic.or.tz yet. Its just the 'tz' zone for now?

I'll be asking later, can I get a TZ based zone such as
'dnssec.co.tz/dnssec.or.tz' (which would be similar to
'dnssec.co.za/dnssec.na') and pass you the appropriate DS record from my
side? Take a look at 'www.dnssec.co.za'.

I'm excited for you guys!

> Simon.
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