[afnog] [AfTLD-Discuss] .TZ DS records in root zone

Frank Habicht geier at geier.ne.tz
Sun Feb 10 10:45:57 UTC 2013

On 2/9/2013 11:41 PM, Mark Elkins wrote:
> Questions, 
> doing any DNS/DNSSEC training?
> what does the ccTLD structure look like?
> I'm guessing..
> .tz - closed - except for exciting new second levels...
> .co.tz - Commercial
> .or.tz - Organisations


> So how far down are signed domains available. I get no AD bit when
> looking up www.tznic.or.tz yet. Its just the 'tz' zone for now?

$ dig @ns-tz.afrinic.net. or.tz ds         # server has .tz zone, no SLDs
;; flags: qr aa rd; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1    # has an answer

$ dig @nic.co.tz. or.tz dnskey             # server has SLDs, not .tz
;; flags: qr aa rd; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 3    # has answers

[i hope I did that right....]
[all answered on IP addresses with colons in them :-)]

> I'll be asking later, can I get a TZ based zone such as
> 'dnssec.co.tz/dnssec.or.tz' (which would be similar to
> 'dnssec.co.za/dnssec.na') and pass you the appropriate DS record from my
> side? Take a look at 'www.dnssec.co.za'.

That will probably cost you around TZS 25,000    ;-)


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