[afnog] Use of BitTorrents in Academic Environments

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Tue Feb 26 18:18:57 UTC 2013

On 26/02/13 14:21, amon.kasonda at unza.zm wrote:

> I am seeking advice from IT experts in academic environments on
> how they have handled the issue of BitTorrents on their network.
> As a university we have blocked this service because of the effect
> it has on internet bandwidth and issues pertaining to security. This
> is an inherent default configuration policy I have found in the
> university. However, our users strongly feel the service must be
> restored to enhance their learning and internet experience. Your
> independent views in this regard are welcome.

Perhaps you can use QoS to prioritize important traffic
and let torrent traffic take what's left of your internet
circuit.  This doesn't do anything about the security
aspects you mention, but it controls your bandwidth in
a manner that allows everyone to get what they need and 
then allows the rest of the bandwidth to go to the torrent 


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