[afnog] NEED HELP

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Thu Feb 28 09:03:42 UTC 2013

Tayeb Meftah (tayeb.meftah) writes:
> What kind of software

	That's a very good question.

	Another solution would be to virtualize the server entirely, then
	the application doesn't have to be aware of the clustering.

	Ganeti (http://code.google.com/p/ganeti) which is built on top of
	Linux KVM or XEN will allow you to do VM disk replication over 
	ethernet, allowing a machine to move dynamically between 2 master
	node in a cluster without interrupting the virtual machine.

	If a master node fails completely, it's simply a matter of rebooting
	the VM on the other node.


> Le 28 f vr. 2013   09:34, yousif Ishaag <yousif_204 at hotmail.com> a  crit :
>     hello all,
>             I have two servers (Ubunto 12.04 OS) with same containing  and I am
>     seeking for clustering software to make my end users access the first
>     server if the first one come down the users can access the second one.

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