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Jeff Mason jmason at Nashville-MDHA.org
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OnForce.com - they text jobs to your phone and, if you have smartphone, you surf to the web site, review the ticket and click 'Accept.'
oDesk.com - You can work from Africa, India, US or anywhere. Basically, you list your skillsets, and they have clients that need someone to do a web site, or setup a server, and then, if you match, you can bid on how much you would do the job for.

One problem on oDesk is that the lowest bid usually wins, meaning that, if you charge $30 per hour to setup a Windows or Linux server, and someone else will do it for $1 per hour, which person do you think they will choose? Usually, they will choose the lowest bid.

OnForce is a good option for U.S., but a lot of their work involves "local / regional travel" - like you have to go to Home Depot and fix a credit card reader; or go to someone's house and rebuild a home computer; or go to Wal-Mart and replace a hard drive in one of the POS (Point of Sale) computers, etc.

When you setup your OnForce profile, you list your "base rate" (like $40 per hour) and you list how far you are willing to travel to work a task/project - I think I listed 60 mile radius.
BEFORE you get any tickets, you first are required to call back their phone number and make sure you get through a very brief interview, to make sure you are really interested in their work and that you are qualified.

I am not even sure if they have anything setup in Africa/Asia/Europe - they may be US-only.

OnForce.com and oDesk.com are the two main sites I've used and are pretty reputable. oDesk has some people who "troll" on there and try to get "free work" from you, which is against oDesk policy. Both sites pay directly into your PayPal.

Some other options are writing/technical  writing sites, like Yahoo and eHow - you can get $15 per article; and sometimes more (I've gotten $25 for some articles); and you get unlimited "performance hits," when writing for most sites - meaning a certain number of $ per every 1,000 hits on each article.
Some other writing sites are Triond.com and Hubpages.com. Hubpages.com partners with Google AdSense and lets you integrate (and get paid for) Google Ads in your articles.

Anyway, those are some options I have found useful for "online [and off-line]" job money when I am in a slump or just need extra beer money (I don't really drink beer, but I'm okay with the "money" part).


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Hi All,

I have interest in working online for pay,
However, facing a lot of fake sites lately, it's hard to figure which is genuine.
If you know any real ones, that you or a friend is using, please recommend.
Will be grateful.

Great Day,


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