[afnog] Afrinic root servers

Kwame Saidi k.saidi at zantel.co.tz
Mon Jan 14 07:57:59 UTC 2013


Thanks very much, I managed to sort it out.

-- Kwame Saidi

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On 1/14/2013 9:41 AM, Kwame Saidi wrote:
> Hello,
> Could someone please advice on how i can create the following records 
> on the Afrinic root servers:
> for example
>  (xx.xx.xx.xx) - core-sw1.mydomain.co.tz   
> NB: xx stand for ip addresses.

Hi Kwame,
happy new year to you too!

do you want to create a reverse DNS entry - for mapping IP address to name?
you have to set up a zone like 128.204.41.in-addr.arpa.
on your DNS servers and then put a PTR record like

16        PTR     mx.zantel.co.tz.

into it.

and finally create a domain object in AfriNIC DB so that AfriNIC DNS servers point (delegate) to your DNS servers for your zones.


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