[afnog] Antivirus for Academic Environments

Simon Vass svass at etech.ug
Mon Mar 11 07:56:51 UTC 2013

A friend of mine has blocked all USB Sticks on his desktops and 
allocated a few places where you can get them scanned using a Linux 
Terminal. More involved but very effective.

Otherwise have has good experiences with both Kaspersky and AVG.

On 11/03/13 10:49, walinase kaira wrote:
> As a university we are using McAfee 8.8 at the moment and it has been 
> ok but we need something that is easily updated, can scan an external 
> drive immediately it’s plugged in because users will not always 
> remember to do so before opening and one that can catch as many 
> viruses as possible. 

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