[afnog] I am getting porn spam emails

Hezron Mwangi hmwangi at kenet.or.ke
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Dear Raphael, 

Maybe you can try building a mail filtering gateway that filters your emails before forwarding them to your mail server. In the mail filtering gateway you can run: 

postfix as your MTA and ensure you do spf checking. 
postgrey which does greylisting. 
clamav which does virus scanning. 
spamassassin which scores emails and identifies spam. 
MailScanner which is a Powerful virus/spam scanning framework for mail gateways. 

In addition you can try: 

pyzor which is a Collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam. 
razor-agents which is a Distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network. 

Kind regards, 
Hezron Mwangi. 

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> I am getting porn spam mail everyday in my mail server. Each email 
> are from different email addresses and domains. I have tried 
> creating a filter, and I have tried reporting them as spam. I need 
> to know how to stop receiving them. 

There is no perfect solution against spam. To avoid *reading* it, the 
best solution is a bayesian filter that you train. I use bogofilter 
and I'm very happy with it (very few false positives and few false 
negatives). But if you want to avoir *receiving* spam (because you 
want to save not only human attention, but also bandwidth), this is 
more complicated. Things that can help: 

* reputable black lists. I say "reputable" because many lists are 
badly managed. (I use mostly two Spamhaus lists, sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org 
and xbl-xbl.spamhaus.org .) 

* greylisting (in my experience, it kills half of the spam before it 
reaches your email server (RFC 6647 is a good reading). Some people 
will claim it is useless because the spammers will adapt. Let them 
trust their theory, I trust my practice. 

As an addition to greylisting, also make sure you postfix does sender verification at smtp time. Many spammers fail this test. 

Check how to enable here http://www.postfix.org/ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_README.html#sender_always 

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