[afnog] Windows Server 2008 C Drive full error

Gina Girimana grgmami at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 12:23:07 UTC 2016

Hi everyone

 This is Gina from Bujumbura asking for help.

We have a Exchange system running on a DAG with 3 servers members. A few
days ago I got the C drive of one of the servers growing with no reason.
The databases are located on a different drive D: drive.I tried to look at
every single folder and file to see what is filling that drive. I did not
find any solution. With the different forums i did not get any answer to
this. Note that We have a Kaspersky Antivirus running.Please give me a help
and orientation on this. We are running in Vmware environment and on
Windows Server 2008.

Thanks in advance.


*Gina Girimana.Regards.*
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