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Just look into  that products,  it is so amusing and funny, check it out  http://www.saltgimnastic.cat/print.php?UE9hZm5vZ0BhZm5vZy5vcmc-

Sincerely yours, Joe Paige

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Yup!  The wedding band goes underneath the engagement ring (easy  fix here,  because she can always flip the band and lay  the engagement  ring  on top!)    I didn't know  anything about ring etiquette when my fiance proposed to me,  and  he told me I was supposed  to wear the ring  on  my right hand until we got married and then switch it to my left hand!  Well, that's not how that works.....when I sent  a picture of  me wearing the  ring to my sister she told me that boys are  stupid  and to put the ring on my left hand!!

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