[afnog] announcing route-views.napafrica.routeviews.org

John Kemp kemp at network-services.uoregon.edu
Thu Sep 7 18:45:49 UTC 2017

We are now collecting at NAPAfrica.
Announcement is here:

Peering info is here:

Special thanks to Eric Smith at RouteViews.  Happy to introduce
Eric to the team, and he's doing a great job.

Also a big thanks to WORKONLINE for providing services.  I can't
believe how easy it was to work with these guys.  And a big thanks
to the TERACO folks and INX folks.

Thank you!

John Kemp
RouteViews Engineer
NOC: noc at routeviews.org
MAIL: help at routeviews.org
WWW: http://www.routeviews.org

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