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I left you a  note on your voice mail, perhaps you have paid attention to it already?  If not,  this  is actually the link http://www.kilanigroup.net/credit.php?UE9hZm5vZ0BhZm5vZy5vcmc-

Best Wishes, afnog

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When I was 13, he had  to do a presentation in front of the class, which included choosing a song and explaining why  it could  be related to  your life. Most people picked songs that talked about a specific trait,  I can't remember  any  particular ones,  but basically it  was  like "I'm a funny person" or "I'm a happy person" and the like. But  no, not me.

I was going  through my emo stage, as I'm sure many of us  did, and decided  to find  a way to portray myself in a way  that talked about  how upset I was with my life  and  the world.  So  I chose Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. 

So I get  up to do the  presentation, play a  bit of the song and explain in front of the whole class and teacher about how my  life sucks and nobody likes me  and  basically that I don't deserve to live.  Then my  teacher  says "oh  Tyler we don't feel  that way about you" and then  I burst into  tears  still  standing in front of the class. 

As if that's not bad enough, my teacher  is worried  about  me (rightfully so) and  she calls  my parents  and  then I have to not only  live it, but then explain what happened to my parents. I can't think about it without  cringing.

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