[afnog] Open Source project announcement

Renato Almeida de Oliveira renato.almeida.oliveira at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 00:18:57 UTC 2020

Hello folks,
    I would like to announce an Open Source project I’m working on it. It
is an Ansible collection focused on network management and peering
relations, in this release it is possible to gather your devices
configuration and sync then with a repository manager
like Gogs, and collect PeeringDB information’s like IRR-ASPATH, max
IPv4/IPv6 prefixes, and with IRR-ASPATH use BGPQ3 to generate the announced
prefixes that with some Jinja templates it’s possible to automatically
generate a multi-brand routing policies and configurations.
    In the next version of the Collection the configuration templates will
be available for some vendors like MikroTik, Cisco, Juniper and others.
   The project ains to aid ISP and network operators to administrate their
network, in the next release I'm going to bring concepts like model based
configuration where the network, using YANG based models, writen in YAML,
will describe their network and the built-in Ansible Roles will parse and
deploy the configuration.
    Finnaly if there are any comments, suggestions or feature request
please tell me
    The Collection use cases documentation link:


   Renato Almeida de Oliveira
Engenheiro de Telecomunicações
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