[afnog] Solidarity Message to AFRINIC

nancy dotse nancy at ghana.com
Wed Aug 4 06:57:46 UTC 2021

AfNOG Secretariat noted with interest and a lot of concern, the 
situation AFRINIC is going through due to the challenges with one of its 

AfNOG and AFRINIC share the same community and leading the Af* which 
since 1999 contributed to the emergence of many organizations and 
impacted positively the development of the Internet in Africa.

We always called for and encouraged all efforts toward a responsible 
distribution and management of the community Internet Number Resources. 
As such, AfNOG Secretariat is worried that a dispute on INRs allocation 
and usage could not be resolved technically, nor through community 
approved mechanisms  or through arbitration and has become a matter of 
court cases threatening AFRINIC's operations and even its existence.

AfNOG's secretariat has been following these developments carefully and 
express its entire support to AFRINIC.

We are also pleased to share the goodwill in our community in support of 
AfNOG Secretariat has been with  AFRINIC since its inception and call on 
all to support AFRINIC in these difficult moments.

We hope the court cases would be resolved quickly to enable AFRINIC 
focus on its core mandate of allocation and management of internet 
numbers resources for Africa.
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