Abha Ahuja Bursary Fellowship Announcement


Since 2008, the generosity of an anonymous donor and the administration of the Internet Society, have created and agreed to administer a bursary for a person from Africa to participate in a regional operators meeting.

The Abha Ahuja Bursary Committee, a group of volunteers which is maintaining this fund, cordially invites suitable applicants to apply for fellowship funding to participate in the RIPE Meeting to be held in Rome, Italy 15-19 November 2010.

Background information about Abha Ahuja can be found at:

Target Audience

The Abha Ahuja Bursary targets individuals from the African continent who are actively involved in Internet development, in any of the following roles:

  • Engineers (Network Builders)
  • Operational and Infrastructure Support Personnel
  • Educators, Teachers, and Trainers

Award Package

Successful applicants will be provided with transportation to and from the meetings and a reasonable (local host standard) allowance for food and accommodation. In addition all fees for participation in the conferences, tutorials, and social events will be waived. The final grant size is determined according to final costs and available funding, and will be advised to successful applicants.

RIPE Meeting

A RIPE Meeting is a five-day event where Internet Service Providers, network operators and other interested parties from Europe and the surrounding regions get together.

The meeting is open to everyone. Although the meeting is mostly technical, it is also a chance for people who communicate regularly on an electronic basis to meet face to face.

More information can be found at:

Criteria for Selection

The Abha Ahuja Bursary Committee will select the awardee according to following criteria.

  • Membership in the Target Audience listed above
  • Residency in a country on the African continent
  • Demonstrated record and/or ability to share and utilize the experiences gained from the meeting within their country and region

Application for Fellowships

The deadline for application is 10 June 2010, and we plan to inform the awardee by 31 August 2010 at the latest.

To apply for the fellowship please fill in the form at:

Thank you.

The Abha Ahuja Bursary Committee