List of Previous AfNOG Workshops and Meetings

WorkShop Name Location Dates
AfNOG 2000 Cape Town, South Africa 30 April - 5 May, 2000
AfNOG 2001 Accra, Ghana 5th May - 13th May, 2001
AfNOG 2002 Lome, Togo 5th May - 14th May, 2002
AfNOG 2003 Kampala, Uganda 8th June - 15th June, 2003.
AfNOG 2004 Dakar, Senegal 16th May - 21st May, 2004.
AfNOG 2005 Maputo, Mozambique 17th April - 22nd April, 2005
AfNOG 2006 Nairobi, Kenya 7th May - 17th May, 2006
AfNOG 2007 Abuja, Nigeria 23rd April - 4th May, 2007
AfNOG 2008 Rabat, Morocco 24th May - 6th June, 2008
AfNOG 2009 Cairo, Egypt 10th May - 22nd May, 2009
AfNOG 2010 Kigali, Rwanda 23rd May - 4th June, 2010
AfNOG 2011 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 29th May - 10th June, 2011
AfNOG 2012 Serekunda, The Gambia 6th May - 18th May, 2012
AfNOG 2013 Lusaka, Zambia 9th June - 21st June, 2013
AfNOG 2014 Djibouti, Djibouti 25th May - 6th June, 2014
AfNOG 2015 Tunis, Tunisia 24th May - 6th June, 2015
AfNOG 2016 Gaborone, Botswana 29th May - 10th June, 2016
AfNOG 2017 Nairobi, Kenya 21st May - 2nd June, 2017
AfNOG 2018 Dakar, Senegal 29th April - 11th May, 2018
AfNOG 2019 Kampala, Uganda 29th May - 10th June, 2019
AfNOG 2021 Online 31st May - 4th June, 2021
AfNOG 2022 Online / Mauritius 30th May - 3rd June, 2022


Inspired by the desire to share technical challenges in setting up, building and running IP networks on the African continent, some of the pioneer Network Operators have come together and established a network of key operators on the continent.

The Africa Network Operators Group (AfNOG) is a forum for the exchange of technical information, and aims to promote discussion of implementation issues that require community cooperation. The goal is for coordination and cooperation among network service providers to ensure the stability of service to end users.


AfNOG held its inaugural meeting on 6th May 2000 in CapeTown- South Africa. It is the desire that subsequent meetings be held at suitably selected cities in different countries on the African Continent.

AfNOG meetings will be preceded by tutorials and technical workshops on key network issues, standards and so forth. AfNOG, in support of AfriNIC, will facilitate and promote optimal use of IP space and names allocation to African Network Operators.

As AfNOG evolves, its anticipated that it might evolve into regional-tech meetings, where technical staff from the regional networks could meet to discuss operational issues of common concern to that region.

AfNOG will primarily fund its operations from conference/workshop registration fees and sponsorship from interested industry and academia.