Sponsors AfNOG2004

FreeBSD Mall has donated full sets of the FreeBSD 5.2.1 release for all workshop participants
Cisco Systems is loaning routing and switching equipment to AfNOG for hands-on training sessions in the workshop classrooms.
Cisco Press has kindly donated technical reference books for workshop participants.
Network Startup Resource Center-NSRC is helping with organizing the AfNOG workshop curriculum and team of instructors.
Ripe Ncc has temporarily loaned a large block of address space for the AfNOG training workshop.
The Internet Society has provided funding to help cover the costs of training workshop participants, and partial support for expenses associated with the AfriNIC meeting.
O'Reilly and Associates have kindly donated technical reference books for all workshop participants.
IDRC CRDI has kindly provided funding to help cover the
cost of training of some Workshop Participants and
Trainee Instructors.
ISOC Senegal chapter is hosting the AfNOG2004 workshop and meetings.
The National Science Foundation provides assistance to participating network engineers from research and education networks via the NSRC project.
L'Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie is providing financial support for some francophone workshop participants and for the local host in Dakar.
Computer Frontiers has provided website and mailing list/discussion hosting and maintanance.