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AfNOG 2008 Workshop on Network Technology - Application for Admission

Please see <http://www.afnog.org/afnog2008/workshop/> for information about the AfNOG 2008 Workshop on Network Technology.

If you have questions regarding this announcement and application, they may be addressed to: <workshopinfo08@afnog.org>

Where to Apply

When to Apply

  • Application forms must be submitted no later than 7 December 2007.
  • Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the program and the amount of financial aid available (if any) on or about 31 January 2008.

Information to be included on your application

  • Please ensure that all of the contact information you submit is and accurate, or we will not be able to contact you.
  • Please give detailed answers to the questions about your work and your experience.
  • If your are applying for financial assistance from AfNOG, please do not forget to answer the questions about other funding sources available to you.

A. Personal data

Full Name:
Business Address:
Business Telephone:
Alternate Telephone:
E-mail address:
Date of birth:
Name as it appears on passport or other travel document:
Passport number:
Country issuing passport:
Date passport was issued:
Date of passport expiration:
Knowledge of English: Please rate your knowledge in these categories:
Listening/comprehension: minimal / fair / good / excellent
Reading: minimal / fair / good / excellent
Speaking: minimal / fair / good / excellent
Writing: minimal / fair / good / excellent
Please indicate with an asterisk (*) the most reliable addresses and
telephone/fax numbers above which can be used to reach you.

B. Course of Instruction

Instructional track applied for (Please select only one track; the tracks
will run concurrently):
[  ] SI-F - INFRASTRUCTURE RESEAUX (French Track - equivanent to SI-E)

Please indicate your specific interests within the area you have chosen.

C. Technical Skills

1. Are you a UNIX user? How much have you used it?
2. Have you been a UNIX system administrator? Describe your experience
(length of time, versions, etc.).
3 Have you used/administered TCP/IP networks? Describe.
4. Have you set up and/or administered any of the following?
Please give details.
-       bind or any other nameservers
-       sendmail/smail/exim/postfix
-       majordomo/mailman or other list manager
-       apache/IIS web systems

5. Have you configured or otherwise managed any of the following?
Details, please.
-       routers
-       switches
-       network monitoring
-       noc

D. Description of Role in National Networking Activities

Bearing in mind that this information will be used to determine whether to admit you to the workshop, please provide in the format of your choice the following information about yourself. Please be sure that it is sufficiently clear, well organized and adequate for this purpose.

1. A description of your current employer, your position, your duties and responsibilities, and how they relate to current and future data networking activities in your country.
2. A brief description of your computing and networking environment (operating systems, networking software, modems, etc.), including the connectivity of your organization to the Internet and your country's connectivity to the international Internet.
3a. Scope of your institution (check all categories that apply):
[  ] Commercial Network Provider
[  ] Academic Network Provider
[  ] NGO Network Provider
[  ] Other (Specify)______________
3b. Approximate number of full time staff at your institution:________
4. How your training and current work prepare and qualify you for the track you wish to attend.
5. How you expect to use the knowledge you gain at the workshop after you return to your country.
6. If you have previously attended AfNOG/INET Workshops for Developing Countries,
a. Year and track you attended.
b. A precise description of how you have used the training you have received in the past.
c. The significant advances in networking which have occurred in your country specifically because of your knowledge and effort.

E. Financial Information

Your application must contain the following complete information if you wish to be considered for financial support to attend the workshop.

The Workshop fee is US$1,600. This includes accommodation and meals. Applicants are usually expected to provide their own funding (from whatever sources). However AfNOG or its sponsors may make a limited financial assistance available to deserving candidates. Even if you request financial assistance you might not receive any, and your acceptance into the Workshop will be conditional on your ability to provide all or most of the funding yourself.  Although you may be well qualified and in great need of financial assistance, the maximum funds AfNOG or its sponsors may provide is US$1,000 in financial assistance for BOTH WORKSHOP FEES AND AIRFARE.

Payment for the workshop may be made by funds transfer, bank / certified cheque or in cash.  Further details will be provided in the admission letter to successful candidates.


1. Are you are requesting financial aid from the AfNOG Workshop for attending the workshop and meetings?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

2. If you are requesting financial aid to cover the workshop fee, please provide a complete list of funding sources in the following form. The list should contain all sources of funds that are available to you for payment of the workshop fee. The amounts should total U.S.$1,600.

1. Your Institution -- U.S.$ __________
2. Your Government -- U.S.$ __________
3. From international organizations -- U.S.$ __________
4. Your personal contribution -- U.S.$ __________
5. Amount you ask from AfNOG -- U.S.$ __________   (less than $1,000)
TOTAL Income = U.S.$1,600.00


3. Will you need financial assistance for airfare? If so, how much will you or your institution be contributing?

[ ] No, assistance for airfare not needed.
[ ] Yes, assistance needed.  (less than $1,000)
Amount of your contribution: U.S.$_________

4. If you are requesting financial support for airfare, please provide a good estimate of round trip, lowest economy excursion airfare between your place of residence and Cassablanca, Morocco, in May 2008. (Flights from Africa terminate at Cassablanca).

1. Airfare:
2. Airline:
3. Type of fare:
4. City of departure:
5. Source of your estimate:

Signature (your name as you would sign it): __________________________

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