UNIX Boot Camp or "Introduction to UNIX"

Sunday, May 10


This 1-day supplemental workshop is part of the AfNOG 2009 Workshop on Network Technology, held in conjunction with the AfNOG meeting in Cario, Egypt, in May 2009.

This course is held for those students needing some intensive, hands-on training to introduce them to core UNIX operating system concepts as well as fundamental network concepts.

The topics to be covered include:

  • UNIX Operating System Overview
  • Operating System Commands
  • Directory Structures
  • Disk Partitioning Schemes
  • Privileges
  • vi Editor Usage
  • Network Layers
  • Core Network Protocols
  • Network Configuration
  • Network Debugging Tools

Who should attend: AfNOG 2009 attendees who are not proficient with the use of the UNIX or Linux operating system.

Prerequisites: Basic computer experience.

Languages: The course will be taught in English with assistants available who are fluent in French and Arabic to assist attendees as needed.

Course Outline

The course will be split in to 4 sessions each 1 1/2 hours long. There will be breaks after each session as well as a lunch break. Exact times will be published shortly, but expect to start by 09:00 and to finish around 17:00.

Instructors: Principal instructors will be Hervey Allen (USA/Chile) and Patrick Okui (Uganda).

Assistants: Adel Marzouq Riyad (Egypt), Coko Tracy Mirindi Musaza (Rwanda/DRCongo).

Topic                                               Length
-----                                               ------ 


Introduction to Unix                                  0.5 
     - Kernel, shell, etc...
Introduction to commands                              0.5 
     - (command [-flags|--flags] [params ...])
     - practice commands
Introduction to the Unix File System/Hierarchy        0.5 
     - hierarchy, containers, relative vs. absolute
     - practice
Privileges                                            0.5 
     - User, Group, Other
     - root user
     - Octal/Numeric vs. Symbolic mode
     - Some special cases
     - Inherited privileges
     - practice (chmod, chown, etc.)


Editing files (configuration files)                   1  
     - Introduction to vi
     - practice
     - Virtual terminals
     - Using the mouse daemon buffer
     - practice w/ config files (rc.conf, other)
     - Use multiple terminal windows in GUI w/
       cut and paste.
Introduction to TCP/IP                                1  
     - Basic IP/network
     - Netmask
     - Default vs static routes
     - Local network
     - What is IPv6
     - What is SSH and use it to connect

AfNOG 2008 Introduction to UNIX site:

See <http://www.ws.afnog.org/afnog2008/unix-intro/>