AfNOG 2012 Conference Agenda

AfNOG holds its annual meetings immediately following training workshops. The meeting program is made up of a series of focused technical tutorials on networking and related services provisioning for ISP operations and general discussions on matters of interest to operator community.

Conference Schedule

15th May, 2012

0900hrs - 0910hrs: AfNOG Opening Session (Madam Nancy Niang)
0910hrs - 0920hrs: Discussion by Dr.Nii and Adiel Akplogan
0920hrs - 0930hrs: Short Address by Secretary General, AAU
0930hrs - 0945hrs: AfNOG Report (Badru Ntege)
0945hrs - 1030hrs: NOG Report
1030hrs - 1045hrs: Tea break
1045hrs - 1100hrs: IPv6 for African Operators (John Gitau - techminds technologies)
1100hrs - 1145hrs: Bandwidth Management Talk (Chris Wilson - Aptivate)
1145hrs - 1230hrs: Open
1230hrs - 1400hrs: Lunch

1400hrs - 1445hrs: Anycast deployment within LANs to improve service resilience and performence (Mathieu - Jaguar Networks)
1445hrs - 1515hrs: OSPF to ISIS migration (Philip Smith - APNIC)
1515hrs - 1545hrs: EcoWAN - (Gambia)
1545hrs - 1615hrs: Internet Piracy Act and its Impact on on Internet use in Educational Institutions (Rising - Ibadan University)
1615hrs - 1645hrs: Tea break
1645hrs - 1730hrs: Panel Discussion - Capacity Planning Post-Satellite Era .(Noah .TZ, Barry .KE, Chimwemwe .MW, Robert .RW)

Tutorial Papers' Abstracts

Author: Philip Smith
Title: BGP Multihoming Tutorial
Abstract: This tutorial introduces service providers to some of the features available in BGP to aid multihoming to the Internet.

Author: Chris Wilson
Title: Bandwidth Management BoF
Abstract: This tutorial is a birds of the feather (BoF) practical workshop on bandwidth management.

Author: Redeemer Fiankor Ata
Title: Network Link & Bandwidth measurement with Iperf and TLD andd CCTLD Security.
Abstract: This tutorial is for administrators are interested in learning the methodologies of network link & dandwidth measurement using iperf. The tutorial will also discuss the need for security of ccTLD and TLD.

Author: Alain Aina
Title: DNSSEC and RPKI
Abstract: This tutorial is for operators interested in deploying DNS SECurity as part of their security infrastructure and people with a general interest in DNSSEC, and those contemplating whether or not to deploy DNSSEC in their organization. It further also discussess the reasons for RPKI, its architecture and motivations.

Conference Papers' Abstracts

Author: Philip Smith
Title: OSPF to ISIS migration
Abstract: This presentation compares two IGPs, OSPF and ISIS, describing the reasons why more ISPs are now adopting ISIS. The presentation then explains the simple process required to migrate a service provider IGP from OSPF to ISIS.

Author: Yair Shapira
Title: Methods and Myths in Capacity Optimization
Abstract: This presentation compares the various methods for optimizing data capacity - transparent caching, CDN, traffic shaping, and video compression and the author presents a novel method for virtually generating capacity from the cloud.

Author: Ismail Settenda
Title: Cloud Computing Security Considerations for African Countries
Abstract: Interest in cloud computing has grown rapidly in recent years due to its advantages ?However Security has been the largest barrier to its adoption

Author: Seyi osunade
Title: The 2011 Internet Piracy Act and its Impact on Internet use in Educational Institutions
Abstract: This work examines the proposed Internet Piracy Act of 2011 and considers its implication on education for developing economies in Africa.

Author: John gitau
Title: IPv6 for African operators
Abstract: This is the same paper that I will use to form the discussion during the webinar hosted by afrinic and ISOC regarding IPv6 for African Operators.