Africa Internet Summit (AIS): Other Af* Events

AIS is the pinnacle multi-stakeholder event combining, workshops, conferences and networking for the internet Industry. The annual summit attracts internationally renowned Instructors, Experts and Speakers to share the latest innovations and Best practices in the Internet industry. This is the place where the African Technical Institutions and Af* such as AfNOG, AFRINIC, AfREN, AfTLD, ISOC Africa, AfrICANN, AfGWG etc meet. Descriptions about Af* Events held at the AIS Summit can be found below.


AFRINIC (See has been set up to serve the African community by providing professional and efficient management of Internet Number Resources, supporting Internet technology usage and development, and promoting a participative and multi-stakeholder approach to Internet self governance. AFRINIC is a non-government, not-for-profit, membership based organization, based in Mauritius. Trainings and capacity building are a central part of AFRINIC's activities and our objective is to build competence within our region in IPv6 implementation and associated technologies required to use our resources effectively and to increase awareness within the service region on how Internet is governed and the roles organisations have in this environment. AFRINIC organizes two Public Policy meetings every year (see


AfricaCERT will hold 6 day Workshop & Tutorial on CERT from 26th - 31st May 2014 in Djibouti.

AfricaCERT is the African forum of computer emergency response teams who cooperatively handle computer security incidents and promotes incident prevention programs; i.e.

  • International discussion, and technical assistance within the African Continent.
  • Security incident response coordination (in Africa and with other continents).
  • Framework for Members to discuss and promotes common agreements, policies and technological.

AfTLD - AROC Workshop & Meeting

AfTLD will hold a 5 day Workshop and a 1 day meeting from 26th - 31st May, 2014.

The AROC Workshop is a five day technical Advanced Registry Operation Course (AROC)workshop for ccTLDs, technical managers, staff and registrars. Through this workshop, AfTLD intends to contribute to the process of developing and enhancing management of Internet resources, infrastructure and services in Africa.


The Africa Research and Education Networking (AfREN) will be holding a one day meeting on 2 June 2014.

AfREN is the annual forum on African research and education networking. As one of the Af* organizations, the AfREN forum is part of the annual Africa Internet Summit (AIS) and was convened since 2007 by the Research and Education Networking Unit (RENU) of the Association of African Universities in collaboration with AfNOG & AFRINIC.

The forum is a platform for discussions on issues of interest to the research and education networking (REN) community such as collaboration, advocacy and coordination of activities in Africa. Sharing of experience and best practices as well as presentation of innovative networking technologies are also regularly addressed at AfREN.

The sponsorship of campus network managers to attend the annual AfNOG training workshops has also become an integral part of AfREN.

Since 2012, with the formation of regional RENs covering all the countries of Africa, there is a traditional session on updates from the UbuntuNet Alliance (Eastern and Southern Africa), WACREN (West and Central Africa) and ASREN (Arab countries, including North Africa).

Typical AfREN participants include among others, campus and research and education network practitioners, REN operators, telecom operators, regulators, policy makers and international partners.

AFRINIC-20 Public Policy Meeting

The AFRINIC-20 Public Policy meeting will be held in Djibouti for three days from 4th . 6th June, 2014. AFRINIC Meetings are open to everyone and provide an excellent opportunity to take part in Internet policy discussions. These policies, which describe how Internet Number Resources should be managed and distributed, are developed by the community. The meeting will include tutorials, presentations, update on the various working groups and the AFRINIC Public Policy Meeting. The three day meeting will be preceded by a three -day IPv6 training and one day training in Internet Number Resource Management. The meeting will focus on the IPv6 protocol and its deployment, especially in Africa and the issue of the exhaustion of the IPv4 pool of address space.

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