AfNOG holds its annual meetings immediately following training workshops. The meeting program is made up of a series of focused technical tutorials on networking and related services provisioning for ISP operations and general discussions on matters of interest to operator community.

The form of the AfNOG meetings is a series of short presentations followed by open discussions , during which network operators from around the continent share experiences, discuss problems and their solutions as well as interact on various issues affecting African networking.

The conference has in the past attracted over 200 participants, mainly consisting of engineering staff from national service providers, managers from IT Enterprises and members of the research and education community.

Registration is required to attend. Information on this is displayed on the AfNOG home for each year's event.

In the past several years, the Africa Internet Registry (AFRINIC) co-locates and takes place immediately following the AfNOG meeting.

AfNOG 2016 Meeting Schedule

Opening Session6 June (Monday at 5 pm)
AfREN Meeting / AAF 6 June 2016 (Monday)
AfNOG-17 Conference 7 June 2016  (Tuesday)
AFRINIC-24 Conference 8 - 10 June, 2016 (Wednesday - Friday)