[afnog] Blocked or filtered network ?

Barry Apudo Macharia barry at tespok.co.ke
Fri Dec 2 11:45:50 UTC 2011

Thanks mark 
Very nice 

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On Friday, December 02, 2011 06:05:50 PM Regardt van de Vyver wrote:

> Glad we could help. Just a suggestion - if you're in the networking 
> space setting up a web based traceroute server or similar (or pushing 
> your local ISP to do so) would really help with any debugging efforts.

A looking glass.

They are treasured. If more ISP's deployed them, we'd be a much happier
bunch :-).

You're welcome to query our looking glass over at Global Transit (Malaysia),
if it's of any use to you from this part of the world:

	lg-kul.my.globaltransit.net (via SSH, username = lg)

It's a Cisco router, so you can run (restricted) BGP commands, as well as
Ping and Traceroute, for both IPv4 and IPv6.



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