[afnog] ISSUES with UBUNTU

Yasini Kilima ykilima at tra.go.tz
Mon Feb 13 13:00:33 UTC 2012

I have been trying WINE since yesterday but I am not able to run the commands on Ubuntu running from VM Player as I am first trying it on VM player from WINDOWS 7 before I will install on the Physical machine.

Ubuntu INSTALLED ON vm player does not support su - commands it gives error.

I am compelled to wait until I get a PC to freshly hard install Ubuntu on it and try this.

As of now I am not able to say anything as I have not been able to arrive to point where I can see any success towards my dreams.

I thought there would be some solutions out there easy and straightforward. But I don't know why Ubuntu Installed on VM Player does not support root profile/account wuhh!!!!!!

Let me find a PC and try this before I can say anything else,

Thanks for advice I will come back again after either being successful or not just for feedback.


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Yasini Kilima (ykilima) writes:
> Hello Phil,
> The reason why I want to avoid Windows OS is the issue of Viruses, The environment I will use the system is no INTERNET so I cannot update any Antivirus Software.
> By this means I will still need to run Windows OS on Ubuntu just for Microsoft Publisher.
> Thus if one inserts a flash disk with virus it will infect the Virtual OS just same as it would on a physical box.
> Thus I am trying to avoid as much as possible not to boot any Windows while benefiting from other Microsoft applications specifically Publisher.

        Hi Yasini,

        You are absolutely correct, and that is a very reasonable reason
        not to run windows. Apologies if that was stated in your original
        mail as a motivation, and if I didn't pay attention :)

        It would therefore be best to attempt Wine/Crossover, and possibly
        learn Scribus.



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