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Anibe Onuche a.onuche at nixp.net
Thu Jul 12 14:04:39 UTC 2012

Well Said Chris.

Also I had to do more research and found   Afnog approach to this issue


Thanks to everyone

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Hi Anibe,

On Wed, 11 Jul 2012, Anibe Onuche wrote:

> Just going through Sanog papers and see good advanced stuff ( e.g 
> Deploying IPv4 Anycast etc , IXPs etc)  and i know some of us yearn 
> for such advance stuff.
> It should be the prerogative of Afnog  to determine the implementation 
> of A-AFNOG ( Advanced Afnog )
> What are our suggestions to Afnog?

Firstly, a "suggestion" is unlikely to work. AfNOG courses are led and
organised by volunteers. It's possible but unlikely that an existing
instructor will volunteer to take on more work by leading new courses in
addition to what they're already doing. The chances of it happening are
massively increased if the person with the itch (that's you) volunteers to
do the work to scratch it.

Secondly, there is clearly still plenty of demand for more basic courses. 
AfNOG is taking a very sensible approach to meeting that demand in-country,
through localisation. When the demand for basic learning is met in country,
then AfNOG can be free to focus on more advanced topics.

This approach requires great patience, but it ensures that the majority are
not left behind just to feed the hunger for knowledge of the few most
advanced learners. So what can we all do to assist the development and
advancement of localising AfNOG?

Cheers, Chris.
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