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On Jul 11, 2012 12:34 PM, "Chris Wilson" <chris+afnog at aptivate.org> wrote:

> So what can we all do to assist the development and advancement of
localising AfNOG?
You are right about that, localization is just a route to take in other to
make AfNOG dream a reality. There are already a few local version of AfNOG.
I know of Nigeria and Ghana which hold annual workshops; strengthening
these regional workshops is key and will in the long run help the
community. For instance it will be cheaper to have instructors go to Chad
from Ghana than bringing in for instance the nsrc team.
Perhaps AfNOG could consider putting up a form on its website that allows
nations which requires training make an application, the requests can be
screened and resource people sourced from neighboring countries. I am sure
many of us who have benefited from afnog workshops will be willing to serve
in such capacity.

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