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Rob Thomas robt at cymru.com
Wed Jan 30 15:57:22 UTC 2013

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Dear Vigo,

This happens to a great many people every day.  You're not alone!

Begin by assuming that your Yahoo account is compromised.

> Please do u have an idea of what i can do about it now? 

Are you running Windows?  If so, I recommend the following:

1. Start here and follow the advice, install the tools, etc.:
   This will include the most current patches, anti-virus,
   anti-trojan, and personal firewall settings.  Depending
   on your system, this may take quite a while.  It is worth
   the time!

   You can also watch our video, "Making Windows more secure"
   on our YouTube channel.


   Perhaps also useful, "Tips to stay safe online."


2. Next I recommend the free version of Ad-Aware:
   Install it and run it regularly.  It's a nice compliment to
   classic AV, AT, personal firewall, et al.  Again this may
   run for a bit; please let it finish.

3. After that, change your Yahoo account password.  This is likely
   what was compromised, and it is likely to have been compromised
   through malware on your host (cleaned in steps #1 or #2,

4. After that, send a note to your contact list suggesting that
   they not click on any links in email sent from your account
   in the past 48 hours.

Why wait on step #4?  Others who have been compromised have sent a note
immediately, only to have that note countered by the online criminal who
compromised the account.  You can end up with a point counter-point from
your account, confusing everyone in your contacts list.

If you're running an OS other than Windows, please let me know and I'll
suggest some different alternatives.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist.

Best regards,
- --
Rabbi Rob Thomas
Team Cymru
"Say little and do much." M Avot 1:15


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