[afnog] Cisco ASR 1k trouble

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Tue May 19 08:34:49 UTC 2015

On 19/May/15 09:59, Frank Habicht wrote:
> Hi AfNOG,
> I have some trouble and hope someone can help
> (or send me to c-nsp...???)
> Just switched on a Cisco ASR 1002 router.
> We have 3 in use, this 4th one was in storage a few years, never used
> before.
> It starts fine.
> I could upgrade IOS-XE from USB. fine.
> both before and after that upgrade, I can not see the in-built
> interfaces. As seen below, "show platform" says the Slot 0 (or the
> module in it) is "disabled".
> Now this is the slot where the in-built "SIP-10" is located, and this
> shows ok in our other routers of same model.
> Is this a hardware issue?
> I did
> SNET-TZ-KIP-CR1(config)#no hw-module slot 0 shutdown
> SNET-TZ-KIP-CR1(config)#end
> and this didn't change anything.
> more output below...

Looks like you have some kind of hardware issue.

A couple of things you can do to help yourself:

    1. Open a case with Cisco TAC.

    2. Try a ROMMON upgrade. I see you are running 12.2(33r)XNB. The
current ROMMON for this platform is 15.4(2r)S.
        Note that ROMMON upgrades are typically only recommended by TAC,
but hey, you're trying to help yourself here.

You're already running 15.3(3)S, which is the latest "safe harbor"
release for this platform, so that wouldn't be an issue. Just curious,
are you running the same IOS release on the other two working routers?


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