[afnog] RIPE WHOIS & IRR Database for Out-Of-Region Resources

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Thu Aug 9 12:06:17 UTC 2018

On 8 Aug 2018, at 10:51, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 8/Aug/18 10:04, Andy Davidson wrote:
>> I still do not like that we have imported non RIR originated 
>> databases to
>> our queries as I want there to be a link through from prefix 
>> assignment, to
>> prefix holder, to announcement that I can verify.

well, RADB was the first, iirc.  and it’s a tough sell to ask someone 
to move from something that works, *and* is easy to use (read: has 
working web-ui), to something that they can’t see as better (read:  
more difficult to use).  frankly, it’s a huge failure at afrinic to 
*not* have combined the member portal and irr db, to ease member pain.

i encourage all afrinic members (and prospective ones) to mail afrinic, 
and request this feature - in the hope that it encourages *more* use of 
the afrinic irr.

>> Hence whilst I ask
>> operators to please register their announced prefixes in Afrinic's 
>> database,
>> please also create RPKI ROAs for your prefixes.  We are testing 
>> methodology
>> to accept/reject prefixes based on ROAs when RPKI hints exist in 
>> addition to
>> generating prefix-lists from IRR.  I hope to have some conversations 
>> about
>> how this is going at AfPIF next week.
> +1 on encouraging everyone to create ROA's for your allocations (in 
> all
> regions, not just AFRINIC).

yes, but please, only after some education.  we’ve done some tutorials 
at kznnog and iweek, but i don’t hear about this sort of training 
happening elsewhere.  for the IRR module, the afrinic training website 
says:  “slides coming soon” for a long time now ..

> Please remember to click the "up to /24" + "up to /48" button so that
> the ROA automatically applies to all more-specifics that you may
> originate. We've found that the majority of "Invalids" are due to
> more-specifics that have not been ROA'd, even though the parent
> allocation has.

.. if only this ROA could auto-create a route object.
.. if only the 3y/o irr db was tied to the member portal, and not an 
archaic mail system :-/
.. if only .. {{insert_my_afrinic_wishlist}}

these might sound trivial, but until the tools exist to make it easier 
for operators to do this, guess how many are going to .. :-/
i’ve asked about a roadmap for my.afrinic, many times, but i am 
constantly told i am the only one asking for this.  perhaps more people 
here could start asking for the same, so we can give feature requests to 
afrinic for things that are important to us ..


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