[afnog] RIPE WHOIS & IRR Database for Out-Of-Region Resources

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed Aug 8 08:51:41 UTC 2018

On 8/Aug/18 10:04, Andy Davidson wrote:

> I still do not like that we have imported non RIR originated databases to 
> our queries as I want there to be a link through from prefix assignment, to 
> prefix holder, to announcement that I can verify.  Hence whilst I ask 
> operators to please register their announced prefixes in Afrinic's database, 
> please also create RPKI ROAs for your prefixes.  We are testing methodology 
> to accept/reject prefixes based on ROAs when RPKI hints exist in addition to 
> generating prefix-lists from IRR.  I hope to have some conversations about 
> how this is going at AfPIF next week.

+1 on encouraging everyone to create ROA's for your allocations (in all
regions, not just AFRINIC).

Please remember to click the "up to /24" + "up to /48" button so that
the ROA automatically applies to all more-specifics that you may
originate. We've found that the majority of "Invalids" are due to
more-specifics that have not been ROA'd, even though the parent
allocation has.

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