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Africa Meets in Yokohama (fwd)

Dear All (Apologies for colleagues who are not curently participating to Inet2000 and Icann meeting)
I refer to Pierre Ouedraogo's message of today regarding the African meeting to be held in Yokohama, to inform that following a discussion with Tarek Kamel, it  may not be possible for us to organize the meting for Monday 17.
Tarek thinks most people, especially those that were sponsored by the RIIS of Japon might not be around yet. Also, we might have problem with the room. It is suggested that the meeting be held on Thursday 20 July, in room 315 which Tarek had earlier on reserved for the African Chapters meeting.
The following agenda was suggested '
1- Updates on Africa's participation to ICANN (Ant Brook, Zakaria Amar, Yan Kwok, Nii Quaynor and Pierre Dandjinou)
2-Updates on AfriNIC, AfNOG, AfDNS, AIG (Nii, Yan, Rosy, Pierre)
3- The African Isoc Chapters
4- Any other business
Any comments?