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  • [Fwd: [nsp] Update -- ISP Essentials -- new archive location], Michuki Mwangi
  • Re: signing up on afnog
    Brian Candler
  • [Fwd: [aso-policy] Criteria for emerging RIRs (draft 0.2)], Mouhamet DIOP
  • Updates to Track 1 (Services) Pages at, Hervey Allen
  • Problem monitoring modems stats from multimodem, ETI - KOUROUMA Aboubacar
  • Dial up provider in Swaziland, Craig Levy
  • Re: Help about uucp
  • Re: FW: [Fwd: UNESCO/ISOC discussion paper....Important....] (fwd)
    Adiel AKPLOGAN
  • DNS
  • AFNOG training, T.Stephanos
  • SCSI
  • bsd
  • Re: E1Definition
  • LINUX/Windows 98 link
    Adeniran I. Oluwaranti
  • Africa Meets in Yokohama (fwd), AINA ALAIN PATRICK
  • FreeBSD Success
    Antonio Godinho
  • Re: Radius Software, AINA ALAIN PATRICK
  • Reminder - RIPE NCC - change in size of minimum allocation (fwd), AINA ALAIN PATRICK
  • multi-homed,masquerading
  • SSH Client
  • multi-homed
  • openssl+apache, Didier
  • FreeBSD
    Sematimba Noah
  • Wireless LAN, Greg Kintz
  • Windows 98 Networking
    mohammed yusuf
  • IOS downgrade!
    Benson Omollo
  • problem with WAN WIC-2A/S card on CISCO 2600
  • Security Progs
    Antonio Godinho
  • solaris 2.6
    Sematimba Noah
  • Cisco Switch(catalyst 2900)
    mohammed yusuf
  • freebsd and sparc
    Sematimba Noah
  • Cisco 3640 problems
    Lawrence Mashungwa
  • RTSP -Urgent!
    Benson Omollo
  • At large Membership, Antonio Godinho
  • FreebSD reboot, ksemat
  • IP adress
  • uucp
    Benson Omollo
  • Aironet, Sunday Folayan
  • weird traceroute, ksemat
  • SNOOP on Solaris
    Antonio Godinho
  • Encapsulation X25 over IP
    ETI - KOUROUMA Aboubacar
  • mail statistics
    Benson Omollo
  • Password Update
  • zone file for reverse, Benson Omollo
  • Access servers
  • NAP (security box), fiao
  • Re: Access servers (fwd), Steven G. Huter
  • FreeBSD router
  • Re: ccTLD Admin search, didier
  • ccTLD search + Domain Country educatinoal game, David Kinney
  • MS Exchange to Linux mail transfer (fwd), AINA ALAIN PATRICK
  • Re: Africa & Icann
    Ant Brooks
  • Allowing traffic incoming
  • Cisco filtering Commands
    Jose Pereira Van-Dunem
  • Updated Majordomo materials
    Lucy E. Lynch
  • migration
    Benson Omollo
  • Application form
    Harouna Naroua
  • Centre de Formation a Distance
  • SNMP on Squid
    Antonio Godinho
  • No Subject
  • AFNOG 2001 - Announcement and Workshop Application Form, Ayitey Bulley
  • Re: [eaia] Kenya Internet Exchange Point under attack by PTT andregulator, Bill Sangiwa
  • Re: [ixp-kenya] Kenya Internet Exchange Point under attack by PTTand regulator, Steven G. Huter
  • zope, Sematimba Noah K
  • archive, Charles Musisi
  • Bind Vulnerabilities, Sematimba Noah K
  • Re: Mail server
  • Re: POP3 problem !
    Jose Pereira Van-Dunem
  • AFNOG 2000 and 2001
    Sarathiel Chaipa
  • Re: nameservice, Steven G. Huter
  • mailing list archives
    Sematimba Noah K
  • ICTs in African Universities, Clement Dzidonu
  • site is down
    Alan Levin
  • RIPE NCC LIR Training course in Accra, Ghana
    Mirjam Kuehne
  • IP firewall in FreeBSD
    Antonio Godinho
  • ccTLD for Democtratic Republic of Congo
  • The Cidr Report (fwd), AINA ALAIN PATRICK
  • snmp on FreeBSD
    Antonio Godinho
  • Re: The Cidr Report
  • Draft revision of RIPE-210: Coordinated Route Flap Damping Parameters, Philip Smith
  • NAIS-ICANN Study, Clement Dzidonu
  • SNMPD in FreeBSD
    Antonio Godinho
  • Afnog 2001 Track-2
  • mail server error
    Antonio Godinho
  • Weekly Routing Table Report
    Routing Analysis
  • Mail server problem
    Antonio Godinho
  • [bsangiwa at OSPF -- DR], Brian Candler
  • Re: OSPF -- DR
    Bill Sangiwa
  • talk facility
    Daniel Omondi Otieno
  • X for non-supported VGA
    Adeleke Olufisayo
  • Package Remove
    Adeleke Olufisayo
  • Automated Response!!
    Wycliffe Ochieng
  • Re: Thanks, Brian Candler
  • [pankaj_a at Thanks], Brian Candler
  • Can't send mail to aol
  • Can't Ping the gateway
    Edward Addo-Dankwa
  • workshops for African University Librarians, Steven G. Huter
  • root at worm on sendmail
    Agyeman Taqi
  • [patrick at Table driven delivery], Brian Candler
  • Re: Table driven delivery
    Brian Candler
  • Exim problems
    Eric VIGAN
  • [gagbey at Re: freebsd sendmail], Brian Candler
  • Re: freebsd sendmail
    E. Afari-kumah
  • Package Add
  • freebsd sendmail
    Sematimba Noah K
  • [joseph at Re: Qmail-- Exim], Brian Candler
  • forwarded msg.
    Charles Musisi
  • Congratulations Nii
    Edward Addo-Dankwa
  • Re: Qmail-- Exim, Brian Longwe
  • router on a PC
    Rolf MOLUH
  • ARIN to Allocate from and (fwd), AINA ALAIN PATRICK
  • type of RR
    Rolf MOLUH
  • [stevance at Re: Exim], Brian Candler
  • bandwith measurement
    Rolf MOLUH
  • Sendmail Problem + DNS
    Rolf MOLUH
  • sendmail problem
    Rolf MOLUH
  • Portmaster ethernet down
    Rolf MOLUH
  • Analogue Leaselines
    Daniel Omondi Otieno
  • Re:bandwidth measurement, Zeimm Auladin
  • chmod -R 777 *
    Sarathiel Chaipa
  • Fw: IPv8
    Jim Fleming
  • setting port range in ipfw
    Sematimba Noah K
  • [Fwd: [aso-council] Issuance of ICP2: Criteria for Establishment of New Regional Internet Registries], mouhamet diop
  • Exim and ETRN
    Eric Stevance
  • Re: Prevention of DOS Attacks
    Brian Candler
  • lame server on afnog?, Sematimba Noah K
  • test - please ignore, CIDR Report
  • Re: [freenix] FreeBSD CD
    Charles Musisi
  • Cisco IOS vulnerability
    Brian Candler
  • Exim and Sircam Virus
    Eric Stevance
  • Public Alert about the Code Red worm (fwd), Steven G. Huter
  • MSN && AOL Chat on Un*X
  • oops!
    Randy Bush
  • FreeBSD Crashes with Squid
    Antonio Godinho
  • [vr at looking for a telebit netblazer flp. image], Brian Candler
  • Re: (Fwd) Re: FreeBSD Crashes with Squid, Sematimba Noah K
  • Re: FreeBSD Crashes with Squid (fwd), Joel Jaeggli
  • modules.conf syntax
    Benjamin A. ESHUN
  • list archives
    Sematimba Noah K
  • Recovery of root password
    Agbenya Adotey
  • boot prob on redhat 5.1
    Jounewe Koumessi Aline Flore
  • Xwindows Setup
    Agbenya Adotey
  • Country data, Yaovi Atohoun
  • POP Server
    Antonio Godinho
  • How to Restore some WINNT 4.0 files
    Agbenya Adotey
  • forwarded msg, Charles Musisi
  • Re: NIMDA Horror, Geert Jan de Groot
  • nimda
    Joseph Begumisa
  • [eltonic40 at RE: Could you take a look at this?], Brian Candler
  • Quo Vadis?
    Ola Abraham
  • The AfriNIC Inertia -- Simply Embarrassing
    Clement Dzidonu
  • The AfriNIC Business Plan V.0
    Clement Dzidonu
  • Fwd: Update to RIPE-210 - final draft (fwd), AINA ALAIN
  • Constant reboots on FreeBSD
    Antonio Godinho
  • Which database?
    Eric Stevance
  • Freebsd reboots, ksemat
  • lpr: connection refused, Sarathiel Chaipa
  • abha
    Randy Bush
  • Fw: Public warning: Please cease inappropriate posting
    Jim Fleming
  • Fw: "The allocation of the Internet address space..."
    Jim Fleming
  • PPTP over Ethernet
  • sendmail-8.11.2-14
    Didier Rukeratabaro
  • Fw: Imap/pop server for solaris 2.6, Ayitey Bulley
  • Cisco access list - multihomed question
    Brian Longwe
  • FW: Tanzania's SimuNet plans 2Mbps PoPs, Chief Technology Officer-ISPKenya
  • eximon
  • [apops] Weekly Routing Table Report (fwd)
    Rob Hunter
  • Radius and portmaster
    Jounewe Koumessi Aline Flore
  • Mail Filter for sendmail on Solaris
    Mr. CRJ. Clarke
  • Re: How to restrict the number of Simultaneous Login
    Jose Pereira Van-Dunem
  • Mail server update
  • majordomo & exim
    Didier Kasole
  • New subscription to Fisayo Adeleke's Contacts, Fisayo Adeleke
  • bouncing mail
    Didier Kasole
  • Fw: Abha ahuja: SORRY, Chief Technology Officer-ISPKenya
  • AfNOG 2002 Announcement and Application Form, AINA ALAIN PATRICK
  • AfriNIC - SUCCESS!
    Brian Longwe
  • ICANN Accra Sponsorship offer, Yann Kwok
  • Prise en charge pour l'atelier ccTLD et la reunion d'ICANN a Accra, Yann Kwok
  • InfoDev Grant for Accra ccTLD workshop and ICANN Meeting, Yann Kwok
  • ipfw vs ipchains
    Didier Kasole
  • New mailserver running Sendmail
    Sarathiel Chaipa
  • arp message
    Didier Kasole
  • ip theft!!
  • KIXP Online!
    Chief Technology Officer-ISPKenya
  • ICANN Accra - Selected InfoDev Fellows, Yann Kwok
  • Call for Instructors- Tutorials Day/AFNOG 2002, Adiel A. AKPLOGAN
  • AFTLD Workshop annoucement - Accra 11 March 2002, Adiel AKPLOGAN
  • ccTLD Voting Proxy, Yann Kwok
  • Maximum No of connections && win2k
    Patrick Okui
  • customised Linux distro
    Patrick Okui
  • AFNOG 2002 - Call for Presentations, Isatou Jah
  • router collision error
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • IXP hardware
  • RE: [Fwd: RE: IXP hardware]
    Metcalf, Andrew
  • IXP, Antonio Godinho
  • Message for Barry, antonio
    olaide omotola
  • What other IXP Benefit?
    David Harrison
  • iplanet messaging server
    Antonio Godinho
  • Why should we worry about the Digital Divide?, Chief Technology Officer-ISPKenya
  • CIDR Report failed today, Philip Smith
  • exim: permission denied
    lorenzo mitchell
  • Sucesso, Manau
  • registration for afnog and afrinic meetings
  • Mail queuing
    Sarathiel Chaipa
  • 2 hour session for AFTLD, Yann Kwok
  • afnog site update, Didier R. Kasole
  • lome worshop
  • Visa for Togo & AFTLD schedule
    Yann Kwok
  • Fwd: Announcement: IRRToolSet version 4.7.2 released., Philip Smith
  • Worm Klez.E immunity, xjeffx
  • AFNOG Country Updates, Isatou Secka-Jah
  • firewall and port Problem, Eric VIGAN
  • Fw: Why does BBN have three /8s ?, Jim Fleming
  • "...the most urgent matter will be...", Jim Fleming
  • Mozambique IX
    Antonio Godinho
  • OSPF Area
  • Re: From R.D.Congo
    Brian Candler
  • Site Mirroir
    Paul Dégbé KPOGNON
  • Apache versions
    Brian Candler
  • Europe-Africa-Asia submarine cable launched, Alan Levin
  • Re: HELP - FreeBSD
    Noah K Sematimba
  • courier-imap
    Noah K Sematimba
  • Virtual Domains Setup
    Godfred Ofori-Som
  • Re: FreeBSD Help again!!!
    Noah K Sematimba
  • Postfix+Mysql for non Unix account
    DOSSOU Franck
  • Port #
  • Courier-Imap Error
    Godfred Ofori-Som
  • Linux Boot
  • firewall configuration on a router
  • Fw: 0:190 ORG
    Jim Fleming
  • squid error, Fisayo Adeleke
  • Re: squid error (fwd)
    Joel Jaeggli
  • forwarded bounced msg. from "Mensah K. Agbessitse" <mensahk at>, Charles Musisi
  • Installing ciscosecure.
    Ebrima Bandeh
  • Back up problems, Ebrima Bandeh
  • configuring MySQL
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • design and built a firewall
  • How do I install RedHat 7.2 on Dell PowerEdge 1500 That has RAID Support
    David Chima
  • VSAT Seminar
    olaide omotola
  • Maildir
  • Afnog - 2002 Lome report?
    Alan Levin
  • Squid redirection and firewall
  • Power management with FreeBSD Box
    Eric VIGAN
  • Re: Named exiting due to assertion failure
    Jose Pereira Van-Dunem
  • Postfix+Courier-imap+Mysql: Login failed
    DOSSOU Franck
  • FreeBSD!
    Tolu Oguntimehin
  • Looking for routers
    Eric Stevance
  • email address of afnog member
    John Tully
  • FreeBSD! - startX
    Tolu Oguntimehin
  • PCI DWDM Optical cards, Americo F. Muchanga
  • Thank you for assistance, David Chima
  • re: wireless equipment, DOSSOU Franck
  • Can't login with any user account including root
    Kobby Castro
  • Apache Permission Denied
  • symlink
  • error
  • Thanks!
    Tolu Oguntimehin
  • CISCO 1721 with IOS 12.2 (4) YA configuration, Nathalie APEDJINOU
  • RedHat 7.3 installation on AMD duron 900
    Afolabi Babajide
  • Navtel Protocol Analyzer, Patrick J Okui
  • mails for other domains
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • postfix relay
    Noah K Sematimba
  • Fw: confident ?, Jim Fleming
  • CIDR Report update, Philip Smith
  • ETRN service
    DOSSOU Franck
  • Fw: "...namespace expansion is a happening reality...", Jim Fleming
  • Anyone can help
    Americo F. Muchanga
  • EAIF in Nairobi Kenya, John Tully
  • 0:190 ORG.....$319,000....$125,000
    Jim Fleming
  • Fw: On IPv4, IPv6, IPv8 and IPv16 Address Spaces, Jim Fleming
  • Adding Linux users using a browser!
    Jose Pereira Van-Dunem
  • Migrating from Sendmail to Exim
    Godfred Ofori-Som
  • 5:199 SR Fw: Save big on .SR domains this weekend!, Jim Fleming
  • please ignore, Ayitey Bulley
  • Advanced IXP Workshop, East African Internet Forum, 4th August 2002, Chief Technology Officer-ISPKenya
  • Max. concurrent sessions on Exim
    Agbenya Adotey
  • POP3 Downloads
    Ayitey Bulley
  • Vacation
  • Advanced Internet Exchange Point Workshop II, Chief Technology Officer-ISPKenya
  • Cron (Exim Issue) or somewhat!
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • net prob
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • "I can still see it feasible to have all secretariat services funded by ICANN's budget.", Jim Fleming
  • Re: HOW MUCH IS THAT IPV4 IN THE WINDOW? Re: "I can still see it feasible to have all secretariat services funded by ICANN's budget.", Jim Fleming
  • exim router configuration
    Noah K Sematimba
  • What does a /8 Lease For ?, Jim Fleming
  • business relationship, joseph edward
  • 0:201 COM....Re: IP Address Management Team in Korea Network Information Center, Jim Fleming
  • Exim and right permissions for execution of a perl script
    Patrick J Okui
  • Courier Mail
  • Software Updates, please, bug
  • A IE 6.0 patch, cocteau
  • Microsoft Corporation. Reservados todos los, humorgrafico
  •, Jim Fleming
  • Tape drive installation on Redhat 7.2
    David Chima
  • FYI: CIDR Report changes, Philip Smith
  • FYI: CIDR Report changes (fwd)
    Lucy E. Lynch
  • Call for Proposals - Hosting of AfNOG-4 Workshop & Meeting, Ayitey Bulley
  • NTOP
  • Squirrelmail
  • Updated DNS monitoring, Rob Thomas
  • Re: bsdi - redhat 7.3
    Brian Candler
  • "...IPv4 Link-Local addressing an "industry standard"....", Jim Fleming
  • Some questions, webmaster
  • PCcard on FreeBSD 4.6.2
  • whither mrtg?
    Bill Sangiwa
  • RE: Webserver, Noah K Sematimba
  • Masquerading IPSec connections on FreeBSD?
    Patrick J.Okui
  • Web mail
    Richard Mwangi
  • Updated DNS monitoring, take 2, Rob Thomas
  • How are you, xjeffx
  • 0:97 KOOP...becomes COOP ?, Jim Fleming
  • Updated BGP monitoring, Rob Thomas
  • Cisco 3600 Boot Problem
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • Consolidate Your Bills!, Clark Earle
  • Eth0: card reports no resources
    DOSSOU Franck
  • Blocking MSN Messanger ports
    Patrick J Okui
  • Fw:[TLD] ?, Jim Fleming
  • Configuring Remote Access Server with FreeBSD
    Tolu Oguntimehin
  • Java Virtual Machine
    Mensah K. Agbessitse
  • "Is the telephone security model better than the Internet security model?", Jim Fleming
  • Script to create 500 and more accounts on FreeBSD4.5
    Emmanuel Odoom
  • Test, Emmanuel Odoom
  • Freebsd 4.0 crashes
    Agbenya Adotey
  • Updated ASN allocation to ARIN, Rob Thomas
  • Executables in linux/apache
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • Protect your computer from unwanted and hazardous viruses (bI478h63), Agle Lusby
  • Very scarey hole in Solaris telnet daemon, Brian Candler
  • afnog list archive
    Didier R. Kasole
  • Mail reader problem
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • Re: Probing of Devices
    Noah K Sematimba
  • copy of outgoing mail.
  • IANA IPv4 allocation list format change, Rob Thomas
  • Lame reports - thanks!, Rob Thomas
  • SPAM Filtering
    DOSSOU Franck Lucky
  • Fw: New root zone hint file published, Agbenya Adotey
  • LACNIC ASN allocation, Rob Thomas
  • FreeBSD 4.5 on Perc 4/Di
    Michuki Mwangi
  • Configuring Radius server with a cisco router
    David Chima
  • 82/8 allocated to RIPE, Rob Thomas
  • forwarded mail from: "Mark Tinka" <mtinka at>
    Charles Musisi
  • Software
    M. K. Agbessitse
  • Configuration of ProFTPD
    Eric VIGAN
  • Transparent proxy
    Antonio Godinho
  • cisco router config scenario
    Gregory M Begumisa
  • Cisco 1600 routing problem
    Mohamadi ZONGO
  • Curbing SPAM - any ideas!
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • Fw: [apops] New IPv4 block allocated to RIPE NCC (fwd), Ayitey Bulley
  • Confirmation!
    Kevin Paddle
  • mailman mail
  • Sendmail config problems (mail to remote hosts bouncing)
    Luke Kyohere
  • New ASN allocation from IANA to RIPE, Rob Thomas
  • I need help on Windows 2000 Server Security, henry chiti
  • i need help on samba indtallation
    Banoba Ezra
  • Authentication against mysql
    Oliveira Savimbi
    Ayitey Bulley
  • Dual boot, Antonio Godinho
  • Exim Build Problem
    Emmanuel Odoom
  • Bogon announcement list, Rob Thomas
  • Supercomputing Global Conference, Eric Gauthier
  • Receive $600/Day in 60 Days...Risking ONLY $5!, Marion
  • What Happens Here ?
    Alamicha Chapuma
  • sendmail configuration
    Banoba Ezra
  • linux
  • spam filter
    Alamicha Chapuma
  • 3C509B
    Alfred Omondi Orimbo
  • Bogus ASN tracking, Rob Thomas
  • G2-C - LAUNCHING! Don\'t Delay any Longer!, Juditth Brest
  • The Bogon Reference Page, Rob Thomas
  • DNS checker at
    Brian Candler
  • Xerox WorkCentre 490CX printer && Un*X
    Patrick J Okui
  • afnog mailing list
    Brian Candler
  • slow webmail interface
    Banoba Ezra
  • Interpreting FreeBSD 'vmstat' output
    Brian Candler
  • Language, linda
  • Virus alert "Have a funny Epiphany" ???
    Manager Information Technology
  • Have a funny Epiphany, newsletter
  • Antigen found =*.scr file
  • .ORG Advisory Council (fwd), Steven G. Huter
  • Wire straightening machine and Turnkey projects., WWW.SERVODAY.COM
  • We are Looking to BUY Stock!
    Dolphin Technology UK LTD
  • Install redhat from hard drive, DOSSOU Franck Lucky
  • Looking to BUY Stock....
    Dolphin Technology UK LTD
  • Solution to PINE error (fwd), Kabagambe Kenneth
  • Antigen found =*.pif file, ANTIGEN_MCDC-ZW-1
  • Re: Movies, big
  • IP_alias under Red Hat
    Moussa Bagayoko
  • Re: Here is that sample, big
  • redhat 80
  • forwarded msg. from: "Badru Ntege" <ntegeb at>, Charles Musisi
  • Majordomo & Virtual Domains
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • forwarded msg. from: Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at>, Charles Musisi
  • 'who' command
  • Chating
    Nelson Chamba
  • RE: SSH
    Mark Tinka
  • Unistall
    Nelson Chamba
  • amsn doesn't work, Nelson Chamba
  • Chrooted sftp
    Ayitey Bulley
  • Turnkey Projects., WWW.SERVODAY.COM
  • IPMASQ: reverse ICMP: failed checksum.
    Dehezi Isp tech support
  • ARCserveIT 6.61
  • RE: European Stds versus US standards, Robert.Shaw
  • linux redhat, Joseph.Minja
  • AfNOG Workshop Announcement & Application form, Ayitey Bulley
  • ipfilter for redhat linux
    Americo F. Muchanga
  • Restricted Shell with PINE access
    David Chima
  • Login problems in redhat 7.1
    Collins Nweke
  • how??
    Martin MBAYI
  • New IANA IPv4 allocations and bogon updates
    Rob Thomas
  • "Wiki"
    Brian Candler
  • Why is CASHCulture the fastest-growing program on the internet?, Juditth Brest
  • Access list
    Collins Nweke
  • Scanner
    Mark Tinka
  • Re:look,my beautiful girl friend, vallieann
    Ademola Ajayi
  • under Redhat 7.2
    Martin MBAYI
  • Sendmail
  • A new on-line course about OSPF and BGP setup (in French)
    Stephane Bortzmeyer
  • RMON
    Richard Mikisa
  • Re: Back - whatsnew ..?, Brian Longwe
  • set ftp password
    Nelson Chamba
  • how to disable and activate a clinet on cisco router to gain bandwidth access
    Paul Ademola Ajayi
  • Error 8 (user doesn't exist), Nelson Chamba
  • RE: IP block breakdown, Mark Tinka
  • Mounting Reiser_FS
    Mikisa Richard
  • RE: linux netconf problem and /28 & /27 ip route setup
    Mark Tinka
  • Re: subnetting help
    Stephane Bortzmeyer
  • VSAT Access Providers
    Alamicha Chapuma
    Robert Longla
  • RE: client complain of slow link.
    Mark Tinka
  • ASN allocation update, Rob Thomas
  • Deadline For AFNOG 2003 nearing, Badru Ntege
  • FYI: LIR Training Courses in Africa, Philip Smith
  • Error message
    Sylvia Ndekana
  • Creating modem chat script
    Doudou THERA
  • French AfNOG Workshop Announcement & Application form, Kabagambe Kenneth
  • Howto reinitialize a cisco router
    Doudou THERA
  • isdn pap config
    Richard Mikisa
  • Wireless Breezecom unit
    Alamicha Chapuma
  • Want A New Way To Lose Weight? Y2d4pF, Kapetanos Braboy
  • BGP over satellite link
    Joe Joe
  • New IANA IPv4 DE-allocations and bogon updates, Rob Thomas
  • Aggregate Traffic on a Switch
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • Inter-changeable frequency for BreezeAccess
    Alamicha Chapuma
  • Bogon update 60/8 and 223/8, Rob Thomas
  • FTP user/pwd
    Nelson Chamba
  • Domain of sender address does not exist
    Alamicha Chapuma
  • Kernel patching
    David Chima
  • Port mapping under Freebsd
    Moussa BAGAYOKO
  • MikroTik Inter-changeable frequency, John Tully
  • Livre d'Or
  • Dedicated dial up configuration
    Ebrima Bandeh
  • Eth0 does not come up after kernel recompiling
    David Chima
  • forwarded msg. Geoff Huston <gih at>, Charles Musisi
  • REMINDER RIPE NCC LIR Training Course Kampala, Uganda (fwd), Brian Longwe
  • Evaluation, Ayitey Bulley
  • majordomo archiving
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • RE: running things as root (was: majordomo archiving), Fisayo Adeleke
  • ICANN Nominating Committee, Didier Ruke
  • IPv6 simulator
    Godfred Ofori-Som
  • skulldoggery dicwey, Kyle Porter
  • Confirmation
    promotion manager
  • Redundant link in FreeBSD
  • Re: Network utility tools
    Stephane Bortzmeyer
  • check out selected hot russian brides aBEMQ2KB4Er5, Clair Bromagen
  • Removal of IP
    Mensah Komla Agbessitse
  • winning notice for category B winner, promotion manager
  • urgent reply, paul eboka
  • AFS - ACL Bug
    Nelson Chamba
  • MySQL authentication
  • RE: PortForwarding on Cisco
    Mark Tinka
  • FW: [ISPAN] Re: Removal of IP, Fisayo Adeleke
  • CDONTS with Linux, Sylvia Ndekana
  • FreeBSD and NTFS
  • The Finest Weight Loss Product, Nicholl Tacadina
  • Afnog/afrinic meeting registration form at, Fisayo Adeleke
  • Tanzanian ISPs move closer to establishing an Internet exchange
    Brian Longwe
  • Looking Glass
  • RE: Tanzanian ISPs move closer to establishing an Internet exchan ge
    Fisayo Adeleke
  • Africa spends US$400 million on internal traffic
    Brian Longwe
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    Noah K Sematimba
  • FW: - Internet Worm Disguised as E-Mail fromMicrosoft - Mon May 19, 2003 03:09 PM ET
    Brian Longwe
  • Re: My application, support
  • Re: FW: - Internet Worm Disguised as E-Mail from Microsoft - Mon May 19, 2003 03:09 PM ET, S Woodside
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  • Please help with ideas -- Freeside
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    FIAO. A.
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    S Woodside
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    Stephane Bortzmeyer
    Modou Salifu Jatta
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    Fisayo Adeleke
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    Brian Candler
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    Charles Musisi
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    Americo F. Muchanga
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    Fisayo Adeleke
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    Benjamin A. Eshun
    james guei
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    Mark Tinka
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    Fisayo Adeleke
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    Mark Tinka
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    henry chiti
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    S Woodside
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    Ndungu Kahindo
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    Kabagambe Kenneth
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    George Murage
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    Adam Rothschild
  • [afnog]
    Zeimm Auladin
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    Cisco Systems Product Security Incident Response Team
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    DOSSOU Franck Lucky
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    Brian Candler
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    Routing Table Analysis
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    Samuel Gitta
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    Walter N. Minja
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    Dorcas Muthoni
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    Zeimm Auladin
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    Daniel Obuobi
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    Benjamin A. Eshun
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    Nelson Chamba
  • [chamba at [afnog] AFS over NAT bug], Brian Candler
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    one one
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    Mohamadi ZONGO
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    one one
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  • [afnog] [Fwd: security run output]
    Patrick Okui
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    Mohamadi ZONGO
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    charlie ateenyi
  • promotions 2, pchtepa
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  • Linux vs BSD was "RE: [afnog] VLAN setup with linux"
    John Tully
  • This program PAYS $20 INSTANTLY to you!, marion
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    one one
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    one one
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    Hervey Allen
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    Brian Longwe
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    Cletus Okolie
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    Alamicha Chapuma
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    Antonio Godinho
  • [afnog]The Cidr Report
  • [afnog]Weekly Routing Table Report
    Routing Table Analysis
  • smile, Derek
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    Begumisa Gerald M.
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  • [afnog]Call for proposals: Hosting of AfNOG 2004 and AfNOG 2005 events
    Alan Barrett
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  • [afnog]Satelite Bandwidth Purchased by ISP's in Africa
    Badru Ntege
  • [afnog]Fwd: [ppml] Policy Proposal 2003-15: IPv4 Allocation Policyfor the Africa Portion of the ARIN Region, Adiel AKPLOGAN
  • [afnog]Fwd: toronto star by Geist on VeriSign wildcard, Adiel AKPLOGAN
  • [afnog]Fwd: [local-ir at]Proposed Open Letter to ICANN andRelated Documents, Adiel AKPLOGAN
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    Stephane Bortzmeyer
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  • [afnog]New AS block allocated to the RIPE NCC
    leo vegoda
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  • [afnog]Re: New AS block allocated to the RIPE NCC
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    Ayitey Bulley
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    Agbenya Adotey
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    Brian Candler
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    Kabagambe Kenneth
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