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Re: The AfriNIC Inertia -- Simply Embarrassing

Hello Theo and All!!

Theo Kramer wrote:
> Clement wrote

> > 10 Frankly, because some of us cannot wait any longer, a Working draft
> > (Plan V.0)  has been prepared and has been circulating for some time
> > now. This draft is being commented on and fleshed out at the grass-root
> > level and we understand a copy passed on to the BOT Chairman has been
> > circulated to the BOT members…  We can put the FINAL Plan (not a draft)
> > together in  a couple of days by we all contributing to fleshing out
> > what is already on the Table. This will  certainly speed up an already
> > unduly delayed process…
> Thanks - the business committee has it and is using it to finalise
> the business plan.

Theo I am glad you guys have now move away from the rigid 'sequential
approach' to the principle that a lot of things in life (incuding that
of AfriNIC) can be done in parallel... 

It is gratifying and refreshing to know that we now don't need to wait
for Business Manager to be recruited before finalizing the Business
Plan...(which you promised to finalise by next week)..Thanks..

 We hope by the same chain of argument we will make a move on the RIPE
incubator activity and don't have to wait for the Business Manager come
on board b/f we search and select candidates for the training...

> > 11. Simply put… our inertia is becoming legendry and frankly
> > embarrassing.
> 5 years vs 3.5 months...

Frankly..it is neither here nor there...let's call a hoe a hoe and move

Best rdgs


> Regards
> Theo


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