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The AfriNIC Business Plan V.0

Hello All!!

As a follow up to my posting yesterday..I am attaching the original
bare-bones version of the AfriNIC Business Plan V.0 put together by a
group of 'can't-wait-anymore' grassroot operators. 

This as I stated in my mail has been passed on to the Chairman of the
AfriNIC BOT which was circulated to the members of the AfriNIC Board...

You may recalled that the Business Committee responded (re Theo Kramer's
mail) to my mail yesterday that they recieved a copy and using it as the
core of what they promised to release as per the Plan by 4th Oct. I hope
they are not going to come out with another draft...we've had enough of

Best rdgs


     AfriNIC Corporate Business Plan V.0  (Bare-Bones Version)

1.0 Introduction

AfriNIC an Address Registry the overall strategy is to start service
with same quality and price as is pertained in other operating RIRs with
intention to explore ways to provide cheaper quality service.

In order to allow training and effective initial operations, the
of AfriNIC is proposed to start at RIPE headquarters. AfriNIC develops
service for existing LIRs located in the region AfriNIC covers. An
element of the  corporate plan  to start incubation of AfriNIC technical 
operations as quickly and earn revenues.

The reasons the price needs to stay this high initially are:

  o it will start in amsterdam, i.e. have the same cost structure
  o expenses for the crew to visit home, attend ripe meetings, etc
  o overhead costs, manager, systems, ... amortized over fewer lirs
  o cost of local african meetings not amortized over rich folk as ripe
  o it will need to build a cushion

The AfriNIC corporate plan will be reviewed at the end of the first year
precise costs and membership/service revenues from the continent are
understood. In addition to picking up existing African LIRs obtaining
service from RIPE, AfriNIC will also develop additional members from the
list of endorsements made at Accra AfriNIC meeting. Ways of reducing the
costs of service, including consideration for smaller allocations to
more members are being sought.

2.0 Objectives

Full AfriNIC function of address allocations will be realized in the
three years of operation during which  several technical staff would be
trained, operations incubated and migrated to destination host country.
During this period multilingual training centers for AfriNIC LIRs will
established and a host of helper hostmasters will be trained. Senior
technical resources will also be identified and included in the
of AfriNIC as well as their participation in ASO technical policy

3.0 Financial Plan (3 yrs)

The revenues will be derived from sponsorships and subscriptions for
services. expenditure will comprise technical and administrative staff,
office space, equipment and connectivity. AfriNIC is negotiating with
ripe on services to be provided during the incubation period. The host
country is also expected to provide some of these services at the
permanent location of AfriNIC.

3.1 Revenues   

			Yr1	    Yr2   	Yr3
multilateral   		20000 	    30000 	35000
OtherS   		5000         12000      15000

3.2 Subscriptions

			Yr1	    Yr2   	Yr3
RIPE subs   		70000 	   100000      125000
Members   		30000      50000       80000

Total revenues          125000     192000      255000

3.3  Expenditure

			Yr1	    Yr2   	Yr3
Office   		0 	     0 		0
Connectivity    	0     	    15000  	20000
Tech staff     		60000       90000 	120000
Mgt staff      		25000       50000 	75000
Meetings       		30000       30000 	35000

Total expenditures   	115000      185000 	250000

Total reserves  6200    10000   7000 5000  	28200

4.0 Human Resource Plan

 - select a manager to put it all together, negotiate, plan, deal with
business issues and organizing the operations in cooperation with ripe.

- select 2 for training at ripe

- look for opportunities for further training from arin, apnic

- train 10 people at lome afnog workshop in march as helpers


			Yr1	    Yr2      Yr3
Snr tech      		1          2          2
Tech          		1          1          2
Admin         		0          1          2
Exec          		1          1          1

Total         		3          5          7

5.0 Marketing and Communication Plan

- target operators
- membership drives
- adapt services eg smaller allocation policies
- meetings
    o 1XAGM
    o 1Xmidyear BoT meeting
    o 1X outreach meetings per year
    o colocate an AfriNIC meeting with Afnog workshop, more to get
among operators on issues and to expose folk in various regions.

6.0 Technical Plan

- setup the services at ripe and do the registrations for african LIR's
    o january 1, 2002

-  Start setting up equipment and Internet connection and start
the database and services to host country
    o december 15, 2003

- Members are invited to annual general meetings
typically co-located with afnog events to gain access to the operators
attend the workshop and conference. AfriNIC communicates with
prospective members
and the Internet Community via Afrinic lists and website.

7.0 Policy and Operation Plan

- afrinic address policy has been agreed in working groups and will be
in providing services while at ripe. proposals for change in the policy
would come from workings groups and consensus of the members.

- adopt RIPE Membership Agreement

- Utilize RIPE Membership Charging Scheme

- use the agreed afrinic financial model to evolve from the RIPE model

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