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Re: The AfriNIC Inertia -- Simply Embarrassing

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:11:29 +0000
Clement Dzidonu <dzidonu at ghana.com> wrote:

> Hello Theo and All!!
> Theo Kramer wrote:
> > 
> > Clement wrote
> It is gratifying and refreshing to know that we now don't need to wait
> for Business Manager to be recruited before finalizing the Business
> Plan...(which you promised to finalise by next week)..Thanks..
>  We hope by the same chain of argument we will make a move on the RIPE
> incubator activity and don't have to wait for the Business Manager come
> on board b/f we search and select candidates for the training...

sorry, I think that it is imperative that the Business Manager take full responsibility for the selection of the "incubatees". This should include defining the Terms of Reference, advertising, assessing applications, interviewing and selection. The final candidates can then be passed to the BoT for approval (as indicated in the Afrinic policy documents).

Please also do us all a favour and define who "we" is in this context? Who are the "can't-wait-anymore grassroot operators"? 

Despite our urgency and good intentions we must make sure that we handle Afrinic with care. Rushing into things headlong may not necessarily be the best thing at this time.


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