[afnog] Flapping POS Interface on Frame-relay between a Juniper and Cisco

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Fri Dec 9 06:48:07 UTC 2011

On Friday, December 09, 2011 02:25:05 PM Righa Shake wrote:

> The interface finally stabalised. This after performing
> segment by segment loop tests at SDH level.

Glad to hear, Righa.

> Loop tests be performed with either PPP or HDLC
> encapsulation instead of frame-relay.However its
> important to note that when you change the encapsulation
> from Frame-relay to either of the above the
> subinterfaces will be automatically deleted.So best be
> careful here.

Just curious, are you running multiple PVC's or just one?

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