[afnog] RIPE WHOIS & IRR Database for Out-Of-Region Resources

Daniel Shaw daniel at afrinic.net
Thu Aug 2 05:33:14 UTC 2018

On 02/08/2018, 09:16, Mark Tinka	typed:

> It is important that we now begin to seriously use AFRINIC WHOIS and IRR database to document our resources, as that data is replicated with all major IRR databases.

Thanks Mark, I'll add that RADB also replicate all IRR records from the AFRINIC DB too.

> I know that there are also some global operators that are querying the AFRINIC IRR database for filter generation.

And therefore, operators can also (and often do) query the records via RADB. For example:

% whois -h whois.radb.net 2001:42d0:0:200::6
route6:         2001:42d0::/32
descr:          AFRINIC-JNB-OPS
origin:         AS33764
mnt-by:         AFRINIC-IT-MNT
changed:        ***@afrinic.net 20150902
source:         AFRINIC

And this also means the tools like 'bgpq3' will "just find" the data by default, for example:

% bgpq3 -6 -b as-afrinic
NN = [


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