[afnog] [safnog] RIPE WHOIS & IRR Database for Out-Of-Region Resources

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Thu Aug 2 08:12:16 UTC 2018

On 2/Aug/18 07:33, Daniel Shaw wrote:

> Thanks Mark, I'll add that RADB also replicate all IRR records from the AFRINIC DB too.

Yes, Daniel. I had that as one of the major IRR's out there :-).

For completeness, I'd believe those are:

    - All RIR's IRR databases.
    - RADB
    - NTT
    - Level(3)

> And therefore, operators can also (and often do) query the records via RADB. For example:
> % whois -h whois.radb.net 2001:42d0:0:200::6
> route6:         2001:42d0::/32
> descr:          AFRINIC-JNB-OPS
> origin:         AS33764
> mnt-by:         AFRINIC-IT-MNT
> changed:        ***@afrinic.net 20150902
> source:         AFRINIC
> And this also means the tools like 'bgpq3' will "just find" the data by default, for example:
> % bgpq3 -6 -b as-afrinic
> NN = [
>     2001:42d0::/32,
>     2001:43f8:110::/48,
>     2001:43f8:120::/48
> ];

Since there is replication between AFRINIC and RADB (not sure about NTT,
Level(3) or the other RIR's) via, AFRINIC members should not be
concerned about global operators that generate filters based on this
will lose their information after RIPE implement their changes.

We've always encouraged all of our customers to create their WHOIS and
IRR objects in AFRINIC as a matter of course, even if they've been used
to using another database. I'd encourage all operators in Africa to push
for this as well.

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